Strings_ENG_US STBL files numbers 1-1000


1 0xFE983BAD Careers
2 0xB933D44A Player Feats
3 0x68A8F19F Relationships
4 0xD9FB6D28 Sim Feats
5 0xFC79F488 Wealth & Collecting
6 0x44116C4A Attend {1.Number} Social Events
7 0x539FA006 Craft {1.Number} Drinks
8 0x62876A10 Craft {1.Number} Juice on the Rocks at an Event
9 0xCC98E28C Earn {1.Money}
10 0xCD12DFB8 Earn {1.Money}
11 0xFF2FE6A5 Earn {1.Money}
12 0x24FCF17E Earn {1.Money}
13 0x5B1170DC Earn {1.Money}
14 0xF6BEF452 Earn {1.Money}
15 0x59F79481 Gain {1.Money}
16 0x559873E5 Have {1.Number} Married Sims
17 0x5CE04AB0 Have {1.Money} in Simoleons
18 0xE3420C30 Host {1.Number} Social Events
19 0x1E5591EA Make {1.Number} B.F.F.s
20 0xDA69530B Own a Bar
21 0x943A9D26 Play The Sims 4 for 5 hours.
22 0x379885AC Just Getting Started
23 0x7883C70B WooHoo {1.Number} Times
24 0x59ACC0A2 Have a Sim age up.
25 0x27F056F0 Older & Wiser
26 0x3A7BBBB4 Get to Level 2 of the Logic Skill
27 0x3A7BBBB5 Get to Level 3 of the Logic Skill
28 0x2367BC14 Get to Level 2 of the Mixology Skill
29 0x16A2CF4D Get to Level 10 of the Mixology Skill
30 0xC39DFBCE Get to Level 4 of the Mixology Skill
31 0xBD2CCE1D Get to Level 5 of the Mixology Skill
32 0x62D1B5B8 Get to Level 6 of the Mixology Skill
33 0x830B4187 Get to Level 7 of the Mixology Skill
34 0xCF6A0C3A Get to Level 8 of the Mixology Skill
35 0x5488C919 Get to Level 9 of the Mixology Skill
36 0x38DEEEA8 Get to Level 3 of the Mixology Skill
37 0xDD659C4C Travel {1.Number} times
38 0x1F4D1F7E Travel to {1.Number} different Lots
39 0xA3549CFD Have a Net Worth of {1.Money}
40 0x4B73EC98 Have a Net Worth of {1.Money}
41 0x989F4DE7 Have a Net Worth of {1.Money}
42 0x4F7E68B9 Space is wild and unruly - a bit too unruly.  Taking a post in the Planet Patrol ensures that space remains safe for future generations.\nRewards include the Apollo Rocketship.
43 0x92F97BBC Space Ranger
44 0xE9CC4F04 The Sim who wrangles the most of the stars takes advantage of the ungoverned frontier.  Take any job - even if it doesn't touch the ground.\nRewards include Grandpa's Rocketship.
45 0xCBA959CB Interstellar Smuggler
46 0x1E1DF88A Who doesn't dream of going to space?  Become an astronaut and the galaxy will be your playground.
47 0x0F4AE49E Intern
48 0x67954C09 Module Cleaner
49 0x71826880 Technician
50 0x66215A1B Command Center Lead
51 0x1652E0FA Low-Orbit Specialist
52 0x62E3CE55 Space Cadet
53 0x3462158C Astronaut
54 0x996A6295 Astronaut
55 0x858E6F20 Planet Patrol
56 0xA4F1987F Sheriff of the Stars
57 0x0A08A33E Space Ranger
58 0x1524F3A5 Moon Mercenary
59 0x5C2AF98A Alien Goods Trader
60 0x5A3DEA6B Interstellar Smuggler
61 0xB93A4CD6 What a day of work! {0.SimFirstName} is back home and {M0.he}{F0.she} has earned {4.Money}!
62 0x71EB46BD {0.SimFirstName} is off to work!
63 0x89568E38 enAn}.
64 0xD1C5E030 Work for {0.SimFirstName} starts in about one hour.
65 0xE0880E5D Bad news! {0.SimFirstName} was fired from {M0.his}{F0.her} job at {3.String}.
66 0xCC4DF263 enAn} at {3.String}. {M0.He}{F0.She} starts {4.DayOfWeekLong} at {4.TimeShort}!
67 0xB8AFDD05 Find a Job
68 0xD3C01ACE {0.SimFirstName} has been promoted to {1.String}!\n\n{M0.He}{F0.She} will now make an additional {6.Money} per hour, for a grand total of {5.Money} per hour.\n\n{M0.He}{F0.She} has also received the following bonus:\n{8.String}\n\n{M0.His}{F0.Her} next shift is {4.DayOfWeekLong} at {4.TimeShort}.\n\n
69 0xC55953D2 {0.SimFirstName} has quit {M0.his}{F0.her} job at {3.String}. {M0.He}{F0.She} decided it was time for a new direction, career-wise.
70 0xCB0EAA64 Quit Job
71 0x93D9794E Sim Space Agency
72 0x93D9794D SpaceY
73 0xB3F53904 Skipping school will result in bad grades! Are you sure {0.SimFirstName} should skip?
74 0x5CDB844E Come Home?
75 0x0C22ECEB {0.SimFirstName}'s boss may not think well of {M0.him}{F0.her} skipping work. Are you sure {M0.he}{F0.she} should?
76 0xBEA3F010 Go to Work
77 0xD7688983 {0.SimFirstName} is off to school.
78 0x0DAD06A2 Oh no! {0.SimFirstName} has been doing poorly in school, and {M0.he}{F0.she} is now a {1.String}.
79 0xA0F14396 School for {0.SimFirstName} starts in about an hour.
80 0xBFA10CB4 Grade School
81 0x3022279C {0.SimFirstName} has been working hard, and {M0.he}{F0.she} is now a {1.String}. Great job!
82 0x532EDFE6 Would you like to exit the demo?
83 0x47DA9D78 Exit Demo
85 0x7B605641 Create a new household!
86 0x40525678 VISIT THE SIMS.COM
87 0xCA335922 Exit
88 0x2699D865 LEARN MORE
89 0xACDCF2A9 Purchase The Sims™ 4 Today!
Game Launch on September 2, 2014
90 0xE38BA911 Game Launch on September 2, 2014
91 0xB197C911 Exit Now!
92 0x3D8FEF3C Learn More!
93 0x693FE460 Visit now!
94 0x0C9E8B13 ChatController
95 0x86AA8D0A Bell Pepper
96 0x7C4EA27A Chicken
97 0x52F29E42 Meat
98 0x4BF50333 Melon
99 0x9E6E8A9E Monkey Bars
100 0x7858F88E Sculpture


101 0x136E301E Sink
102 0xEA232321 Television
103 0x009104A0 Terrain
104 0xE5692B73 Rural Apple Tree
105 0x2BE17407 Wetland Cypress Tree
106 0x6949DD5A Rural Oak Tree
107 0xA9568956 Wetland Pine
108 0x2C5DC3C2 Wetland Willow Tree
109 0xB813C084 Wave Controller
110 0xC36976ED Add to Family
111 0x9EA559EB Disable Need Decay
112 0xEFB7BFA2 Disable Household Needs Decay
113 0x73FC6283 Disable World Needs Decay
114 0xB339FB16 Cancel
115 0xFFC792DA Enable Need Decay
116 0x64E80CB9 Enable Household Needs Decay
117 0x80B8C0EE OK
118 0x564A535A Enable Cheats? Doing so will disable certain Achievements and Aspirations.  This cannot be un-done.
119 0xCBF4CD54 Enable World Needs Decay
120 0xBD1D164D Unable to execute command.
121 0xA41A27AC Fill Needs (Household)
122 0x220973B6 Make Happy
123 0x9B0DDB31 Fill Needs (world)
124 0x3FA9FDC1 Modify in CAS
125 0x1FF9C4F7 {0.DateShort}_{0.TimeShort}
126 0x3EE7938C Screenshots
127 0xCFD9496A Video
128 0x347AFBFD Recorded Videos
129 0x63741EE8 Unable to start:
130 0x85262C58 Cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged. Please try reinstalling the game.
131 0xF089E35B The current user is not entitled to run The Sims 4 in the installed language.
132 0x135DEC40 Initialization error at start up.
133 0x03418586 Could not process the command-line options specified during game launch. If you are not trying to run the game in a special mode, please start the game through Origin.
134 0x223471FD The game has run out of memory.
135 0xC773E94F The locale selected on the command line with the -l switch is not supported.
136 0xD6F91FFB The contents of your user data directory were created by a newer version of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via Origin to play.
137 0xBA0CEB1B The Sims 4
138 0xE5955B27 The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo
139 0xD153C3EA The Sims™ 4 - Startup Error
140 0x182F3470 The Sims™ 4
141 0x36F6B1C6 The Sims™ 4 Create A Sim Demo
142 0xED35E0EA The Sims™ 4 is already running.
143 0x579BC009 There was a problem initializing your Video Card.  Please try launching The Sims 4 again.
144 0x0E6D1221 Can't run The Sims 4 with the video card in this system. Please check that the video card meets the minimum specifications and that the latest video drivers are installed.
145 0x1B80C36A Can't run over Remote Desktop with this version of Windows because no 3D accelerated graphics support is available.
146 0xF76A12F7 Your video card was not found in our database. Your graphics settings have been set as high as possible, but you may with to reduce them if you are experiencing poor performance.
147 0x3259D0F5 Your video card was detected within our Database but does not meet the minimum requirements for The Sims 4.  Should you continue to play you may encounter poor performance and issues with the software.
148 0xE381B3E0 You are running low on available disk space and may encounter problems with your game under these conditions. Are you sure you want to launch the game?
149 0xA8D6B118 Mix 100 Drinks.
150 0xC45408F6 Gain 1,000,000 Simoleons in a single Household.
151 0x4851221C Rosebud
152 0xCFCDF3A9 Perform Marriages in 20 Unique Households.
153 0x93838C2B Serial Monogamist
154 0xEB39E525 Make 20 BFFs with Non-Player Sims.
155 0xA702F88F Super Best Friends
156 0x22438BC1 WooHoo with 50 Unique Non-Player Sims.
157 0xA640A5E3 Woohoo!
158 0x33A3AAB5 Attend 100 Bronze or better Social Events
159 0x1149897F Special Guest
160 0x5DF82DAB Host 50 Bronze or better Social Events across all Sims.
161 0xA7C84511 Host with the Most
162 0x02CF53DD I'm the Mix Master
163 0xFF6F26F6 Travel 250 times
164 0x836C401C Jet-Setter
165 0xD08AC10A Visit 25 different Lots in The Sims 4.
166 0x5C9B6FF8 Knock, Knock...
167 0xEE3A2E1C {0.String}\n{1.String}
168 0x416E9F1B {0.String}\n\n{1.String}
169 0x051BC146 It's almost {0.SimFirstName}'s birthday!
170 0x50B14100 Celebrate {0.SimFirstName}'s birthday by throwing a rocking Birthday Party!
171 0x5E91608D {0.SimName}'s long life is coming to an end. This would be a good time to get {M0.his}{F0.her} affairs in order.
172 0xF423A458 It's almost {0.SimFirstName}'s time. Make the most of these final days.
173 0xFB865CCB Change Diaper
174 0x2D8777C7 Awesome!
175 0x1A0B28B8 Some horrendous assault on the olfactory receptors is underway.
176 0x7699B8FA Awful Smell
177 0xB0B78DF4 Feeling happy from making a new, lasting friendship!
178 0x5DCBF2D1 Made a New Good Friend!
179 0xFCAB3695 {0.SimFirstName} forgot to have a party for {M0.his}{F0.her} birthday. Or maybe no one wanted to come? Either way, it's very sad.
180 0xCAE4C13B Awesome Toy
181 0xCDE4C5F7 Caffeine Buzz
182 0xCCE4C41C Spritzin' Vixen
183 0xD5090BDD The sweet scent of perfume has instilled a feeling of flirtatiousness!
184 0xCCE4C41D Minty Freshness
185 0xCCE4C41A Invigorating Shower
186 0xD1E4CC3F Hilarious Show
187 0xD0E4CA4C Great Teacher
188 0xF31192D3 Forgotten Birthday
189 0x0960712E (From WooHoo)
190 0xE5FAA493 (From Hanging with Bros)
191 0x46701DA0 (From Critically Low Energy)
192 0xA28E64A5 (From Low Hunger)
193 0xA49ACA36 (From Low Social)
194 0xDC78CC7A (From Fighting)
195 0xFC50F058 (From Low Hygiene)
196 0x1B2DE657 (From Low Energy)
197 0xED5C85CF (From Low Fun)
198 0x6E1BD4A5 (From Low Social)
199 0x98363924 (From Being Sad)
200 0x12A2FDDA (From Practicing Routine)


201 0xE6CE72D0 (From Reading)
202 0xB7E97F7F (From Socialization)
203 0x95EEF72A (From Watching a Wedding)
204 0x86BAB27F Desperate for Fun
205 0x4B477B01 In desperate need of some fun activities!
206 0x91B2A01E Peed Self
207 0x6AB2C48F Exhausted
208 0x8DF5DF63 Tired
209 0x1692605B {0.SimFirstName} is Tired and will need to rest soon.
210 0x96615442 This level of sleep deprivation will make any Sim miserable!
211 0xEC47DDA4 Hungry
212 0xBA2D6E0F {0.SimFirstName} is Hungry! Eat some food before the Hunger gets worse.
213 0xADF5B8D0 {0.SimFirstName} needs food now!
214 0xE7B09C12 Ravenous
215 0x4FE0475B Filthy
216 0x2CDB9574 Disgusted by poor hygiene. Oh, the stench!
217 0x009F6D60 Feeling sad from lack of time spent with other Sims!
218 0x89FC556F Lonely
219 0x81C075DE Desolate
220 0x1FF98C48 Desperately in need of contact with other Sims!
221 0x08515F84 Abandoned
222 0x986840BE Feeling Romantic
223 0xD6B0D569 Some things are worth sleeping through.
224 0x6F122155 It's good to take a break to let those sore muscles rest.
225 0x4CB7FF1F Fatigued
226 0x21F8575C (From Self-Assured Trait)
227 0xAFC66736 You've had WooHoo recently.
228 0x3147855C Spent
229 0x13B87EE7 Currently Angry (should not be seen)
230 0xA02EDD46 Currently Bored (should not be seen)
231 0xD0747F20 Currently Confident (should not be seen)
232 0xAD85A2C9 Currently Depressed (should not be seen)
233 0xF26B9DC3 Currently Embarrassed (should not be seen)
234 0x4BA863F1 Currently Energized (should not be seen)
235 0x4D850EAE Currently Flirty (should not be seen)
236 0xDEC0612B Currently Focused (should not be seen)
237 0xD50D4A42 Currently Happy (should not be seen)
238 0x5FCAACDA Currently Inspired (should not be seen)
239 0x62CF64A8 Currently Miserable (should not be seen)
240 0xC46C836D Currently Fine (should not be seen)
241 0x05ED27FF Currently Playful (should not be seen)
242 0xBB86B3B4 Currently Sad (should not be seen)
243 0x2D9F889E Currently Dazed (should not be seen)
244 0x649052CB Knocked Out
245 0xA22D94ED Feeling Witty
246 0x71512E89 Steamy Read
247 0x52A0B7D2 Whoa! That was one steamy romance novel!
248 0xB528E29B Outraged from reading an opinionated article.
249 0xCFCDE07A Upsetting Read
250 0x5F4B8709 Reading that book was a total snooze fest.
251 0x44D80E6C Boring Read
252 0x86ACA01C The power of words!
253 0xFB495BF3 Empowering Read
254 0x040E67E3 It all makes so much sense!
255 0xE83563B2 Logical Read
256 0xEE3B48FE That story was delightful, charming, and refreshing.
257 0x601A5181 Delightful Read
258 0xF15C6B74 Some books just inspire creativity.
259 0x6B8F04DB Artistic Read
260 0xDA92038B ...on account of all the jokes.
261 0x0726A464 A little choked up from a sad story.
262 0x552370AB Sob Story
263 0xBC1127C3 Feeling a little bored from reading a book at a low skill level.
264 0x203E7EF6 Alone the words make sense, but together... what? This book is beyond my skill level.
265 0xE55ECA29 What the What?
266 0x2F3FED4F Clumsy Conversation
267 0x870A6768 Feeling bored from a tedious, uninteresting conversation!
268 0x53018F46 Fine (Always on and hidden by default)
269 0xCC92B797 Taking a good lickin' can make a Sim feel a bit dazed.
270 0xE9D91D51 Embarrassed
271 0xDA02C7CA Humiliated from recent Social Events!
272 0xCB5DBA83 Feeling Frumpy
273 0xA1CC50AC Humiliated after catching a glimpse in the mirror at the wrong angle!
274 0x74F1CDBB Beaten Up!
275 0x961C7DF7 Triumphant!
276 0x9F577740 Bolstered with confidence emerging from an intense scuffle, unscathed!
277 0xEE5CEB3C Glamorous Presence
278 0xFDE79F57 Feeling attractive after primping in the mirror!
279 0x38F51D72 Feeling down after being rejected by another Sim!
280 0xB40BB59F Rebuffed!
281 0xFEE74A87 Amused
282 0x4FB18DC0 Feeling playful from listening to the jokes of other Sims!
283 0x42C29B1C Amateur Hour
284 0x905F5D02 Dirty Mind
285 0x01CE83C2 Some books send a reader's mind straight to the gutter.
286 0xE46D1575 Relaxed in Bed
287 0x32CDF93E Soft, comfy sheets have instilled you with unparalleled happiness!
288 0xF17F4AA2 Dazed
289 0x31EBB296 Watched Romantic Comedy
290 0x8D042A8D The flirtatious inclinations are strong after viewing that steamy romance!
291 0x9295F37A {0.SimFirstName} attempted to pull a prank at work, but failed miserably.
292 0x4D27A789 What a clown! {0.SimFirstName} successfully pulled a fairly clever prank at {M0.his}{F0.her} job.
293 0xD3F1EC1C 1
294 0xAE957F73 Set Skill {1.String} on {0.SimName}:
295 0x09D630E7 Kill
296 0xFCE7D13A Cheat Emotions
297 0xEDA85F95 Cheat Need
298 0x44E97C54 Set Skill
299 0xACA0FBAC Cheat Sim Info
300 0x9EDB2102 Destroy Object (Debug)


301 0xC6242068 Enable Have Baby (Debug)
302 0x10EC1FE4 Reset Object (Debug)
303 0x915C5C41 Test Exit Behavior (Debug)
304 0xE5860750 Test Save/Load (Debug)
305 0x0EF51AAC {0.String} ({1.Money})
306 0x0B2B678B Sell
307 0x08653C89 Debug: Claim Ownership
308 0x382A18AC Make Pregnant (Debug)
309 0xF226410E Move Household
310 0x7A1158DE {0.SimFirstName} just gave birth to a baby {M1.boy}{F1.girl}! This baby needs a name. What would you like to call {M1.him}{F1.her}?
311 0x0839D3F7 It's a {M1.Boy}{F1.Girl}!
312 0xB46509D0 Have Baby
313 0x0229CD5E This baby needs a name!
314 0x0F422008 Hello {1.SimFirstName}, {0.SimFirstName} here! I wanted to let you know that I just had {2.SimFirstName}, a beautiful baby {M2.boy}{F2.girl}.
315 0x4565E49D Hello {1.SimFirstName}, {0.SimFirstName} here! Guess what? I had triplets! {2.SimFirstName}, {3.SimFirstName}, and {4.SimFirstName} are all doing very well.
316 0x6BE2C82F Hello {1.SimFirstName}, {0.SimFirstName} here! I wanted to let you know that I just had twins! {2.SimFirstName} and {3.SimFirstName} are doing well!
317 0xC514D1D0 {0.SimFirstName} is not able to do this while pregnant.
318 0x36DC9000 Call Over
319 0xA95B08A9 Adult
320 0x150A4F1F Baby
321 0xC48E2DF3 Child
322 0xAEDC0F87 Female
323 0x19E792E4 Male
324 0x29F39F48 Create Sim (Debug)
325 0xF7AFE1E1 Elder
326 0x242DF268 Test Find Good Location
327 0xAD5EEE45 Setup Garden
328 0xC7594503 Setup Lot (Debug)
329 0x45865C27 Teen
330 0xC75384B0 Go Here
331 0x283F6082 Teleport Here
332 0xA31FA014 Travel...
333 0x7CC78F50 Travel Here
334 0xF1A594B8 Travel Here With
335 0x12A80A07 Make Americano
336 0x7E0305DB Pot of Americano
337 0x9FB1CE9A Americano
338 0xD0AF20CC Make Coffee
339 0x89BBE491 Brew Coffee
340 0x012F35F6 Make Caffè Latte
341 0x60526E47 Caffè Latte
342 0xAE62B18C Make Raspberry Mocha
343 0x79C0FA51 Raspberry Mocha
344 0x9C0ECEC5 Make Soy Mint Mocha
345 0xC9C0EA3C Soy Mint Mocha
346 0x73E3BADA Brew Pitch Black
347 0x5F814C60 Pot of Pitch Black
348 0x2B32B85B Pitch Black
349 0xDD866E4E Brew Calming Chamomile
350 0xA2F3D99C Pot of Calming Chamomile
351 0x8769271F Calming Chamomile
352 0x22DFDAE8 Brew Earl Grey, Hot
353 0x1D1FE046 Pot of Earl Grey, Hot
354 0x29938B3D Earl Grey, Hot
355 0x2EBBECE8 Brew Steamy Ginseng
356 0xA32F2646 Pot of Steamy Ginseng
357 0x03D8CD3D Steamy Ginseng
358 0x79952A82 Brew Healthy Green
359 0x3BA29A48 Pot of Healthy Green
360 0x2BD55903 Healthy Green
361 0x15FF03CF Brew Run Oolong
362 0x9ECAACC3 Pot of Run Oolong
363 0x75E912C2 Run Oolong
364 0x24B75FC6 Brew Tea
365 0x27143D6E Make Garden Salad
366 0x04BDF87C Cook Grilled Cheese
367 0xF8A602F3 Grill Hamburger
368 0xED8A0D44 Bake SimCity Cheesecake
369 0x769CF403 Make Spaghetti
370 0xB2074807 Cereal
371 0x6EBC1884 Chips
372 0x8246BEC8 French Toast
373 0xD0BACDFF Garden Salad
374 0x53368121 Grilled Cheese
375 0xFEC0EF00 Hamburger
376 0x7547DDE6 Microwave Dinner
377 0x5D8F06A9 Microwave Pastry
378 0x9ADBEFB3 SimCity Cheesecake
379 0xC3574DEB Orange Juice
380 0x86A62AEF Roast Chicken
381 0xED5D9C7C Spaghetti
382 0x77ACDDFE White Cake
383 0x6A63B5BE Make Granny Smash
384 0x55D710CF Granny Smash
385 0x43D7C122 Make Ridgeport
386 0xA0CD20A3 Ridgeport
387 0x49ACD854 Make Simsmapolitan
388 0x50765BB9 Simsmapolitan
389 0x7A185AA9 Make Dim and Gusty
390 0x62168DA0 Dim and Gusty
391 0x1F2F66B4 Make Tang and Zing
392 0x59CD8B19 Tang and Zing
393 0x9B2A7981 Make Love Potion #4
394 0xAD2BF9D8 Love Potion #4
395 0xE8183982 Make Silent Film
396 0xD8881003 Silent Film
397 0x4A219BAD Make Shadow Realm
398 0x72327EDA Shadow Realm
399 0x29329D14 Make Juice on the Rocks
400 0xD1341879 Juice on the Rocks


401 0x93EBDD60 Make Salty Llama
402 0x662D0F55 Salty Llama
403 0x190F25F2 Make Sweet and Spicy
404 0x4B8103F3 Sweet and Spicy
405 0x9E39F6EA Make Wrench
406 0x93EE5CAB Wrench
407 0x4340699C Make Sea Splash
408 0x54B0DEE1 Sea Splash
409 0x6384AC99 Make Sunset Valley
410 0x53A9B450 Sunset Valley
411 0x90831CCB Make Sour Punch
412 0xFC0B205E Sour Punch
413 0xD8F7F320 Family Size (4)
414 0xDDEE0256 Party Size (8)
415 0x2ECBFCAE Your normal every-day painting style. Nothing flashy.
416 0xBBD032FA Large Classic Painting
417 0x8809680E Medium Classic Painting
418 0xFBB1B313 Classic Painting
419 0xD9005E2E Small Classic Painting
420 0x1E8C9822 There is no available counter space.
421 0x699C52E1 There is no available fridge.
422 0x78F4A58A There is no available grill.
423 0x3B1E1591 There is no available microwave.
424 0x38A68E5B This recipe requires a place to mix a beverage.
425 0xDD813E91 There is no available stove.
426 0xFA812335 Create Craftable…
427 0x719FEA78 {0.SimFirstName} does not have enough Simoleons.
428 0xFF172ED3 Resume {0.String}
429 0x484179C8 Scrap {0.String}
430 0xAE6FCE96 Make Drink
431 0x3922AEBD Make "{0.String}" Available (Debug)
432 0x378C440D Cancel
433 0x54A25EC9 OK
434 0xB9B7CA37 {0.SimFirstName} selected the {1.ObjectName}. {P1.ObjectName} are cool. I wish somebody would get me {S!V1.a}{} {S1.ObjectName}. {M0.He}{F0.She} is lucky!
435 0x963E6B74 Name Your New Song!
436 0x036664A1 Okay
437 0x6A3E6AD4 {0.SimFirstName} is bored of this!
438 0x95B2F454 {0.SimFirstName} is too bored to do this!
439 0x4BAA3BB9 Have Another Drink
440 0x577F708A Perform Bar Tricks
441 0xA26B0CF0 Shower or Bathe
442 0x4FE227BD Joke about Politicians
443 0xF5870F58 Tell an Entertaining Story
444 0x5CA892B2 Argue With Someone
445 0xA2A58314 Brush Your Teeth
446 0x1500DFC8 Clean the Bar
447 0x1852E399 Clean Something
448 0x06253D10 Debug Flush Toilet
449 0x401DD605 Debug Use Toilet
450 0xB17A9FC4 Have a Drink
451 0x70CDFBB2 Grab a Cup of Coffee
452 0x7F7E78F8 Grab a Drink
453 0x518C6C9C Eat Something
454 0xD9CB4D63 Grab a Plate of Dessert
455 0x41CB4023 Grab a Plate of Dinner
456 0x4B77E469 Kiss {2.SimFirstName}
457 0x3B2F0970 Freshen Up
458 0xDCE49D77 Preen at the Mirror
459 0xD80803A5 Have a Found Drink
460 0x48E39C90 Dance
461 0x205FC135 Turn On the Stereo
462 0xD73E2861 Wash Dishes
463 0xD4F54753 Wash Your Hands
464 0x44B8E927 Main Goal: \nGet Married!
465 0x3673D3F6 Have Guests Watch the Ceremony
466 0x996B7CB8 Tend Bar for 1 Hour
467 0xE601B7ED {0.SimFirstName} can't afford this.
468 0x35A942D0 {0.Money}
469 0xCA922667 {0.String} ({1.Number})
470 0xF4B47CFF {0.SimFirstName} is too angry to do this!
471 0xDC9530F6 Angry
472 0xC6997251 Bored
473 0x46476B2B You cheated to get this Moodlet!
474 0x858FB4DD Confident
475 0x70FDDE40 Depressed
476 0x570C874D Dazed
477 0x570C874C Dazed
478 0x8A168F92 Embarrassed
479 0x7598D504 Energized
480 0xF13DEB0F A Flirty Sim will be more successful in matters of love.\n\nTry some romantic socials with another Sim!
481 0xBCA67407 Flirty
482 0x43E476F8 A Flirty Sim will find all kinds of success at matters of love.\n\nTry some romantic socials with another Sim!
483 0x8E700682 Focused
484 0x1B4F1C1F Tense
485 0xF59C1CE1 Happy
486 0x1CB31123 Inspired
487 0x1CB31122 Very Inspired
488 0x697CBCC3 Uncomfortable
489 0x4B625937 Fine
490 0x977E5A36 Playful
491 0xED2C8757 Sad
492 0x1883CAAE Complain about Bladder
493 0x3FE420EC Complain about Tiredness
494 0x34C0C78B Complain about Hunger
495 0xDF8B0FAF Complain about Being Dirty
496 0x9DA0FACB Complain about Loneliness
497 0xB2934FE6 Bladder Failure
498 0x7120BE6A Energy Failure
499 0x1871C957 Hunger Failure
500 0x6E08C106 Face-Plant


501 0x6285D61A Need to pee? Send {0.SimFirstName} to the bathroom to avoid catastrophic humiliation!
502 0xD19C9345 Bladder
503 0x2199268C Coffee can stave off the sandman for a while, but eventually all Sims need their zzz's.
504 0xA63B5343 Energy
505 0x5ECA879F Everyone needs some fun in their lives, even Sims. Find a TV, play some chess, or of course, play a video game!
506 0x1D665F46 Fun
507 0xE3A8E2ED Like all living creatures, Sims need sustenance. Have a meal, order pizza, or grill something delicious.
508 0xCFA220B8 Hunger
509 0xC1FC8B49 Even Sims need to freshen up from time to time. A quick shower or bath will keep the stink away.
510 0xA56355AC Hygiene
511 0xA359DA4D Sims are social creatures that need to interact with others. Invite over a friend, chat someone up on the computer or phone, or just stop a neighbor walking by on the street.
512 0x8C285B98 Social
514 0x5DC7051C My favorite time of day is when we play together.
515 0x4D06BEA5 Stranger Danger!
516 0xF25183D2 Hey, that tickles!
517 0x3DE72A15 Reach Level 1 Mixology Skill
518 0x87E73F3F Max Mixology Skill to Level 10
519 0x3DE72A16 Reach Level 2 Mixology Skill
520 0x3DE72A17 Reach Level 3 Mixology Skill
521 0x3DE72A10 Reach Level 4 Mixology Skill
522 0x3DE72A11 Reach Level 5 Mixology Skill
523 0x3DE72A12 Reach Level 6 Mixology Skill
524 0x3DE72A13 Reach Level 7 Mixology Skill
525 0x8EE74A74 Reach Level 8 Mixology Skill
526 0x3DE72A1D Reach Level 9 Mixology Skill
527 0xD6A59ABB Reach Level 1 Charisma Skill
528 0xA1B29451 Max Charisma Skill to Level 10
529 0xD6A59AB8 Reach Level 2 Charisma Skill
530 0xD6A59AB9 Reach Level 3 Charisma Skill
531 0xD6A59ABE Reach Level 4 Charisma Skill
532 0xD6A59ABF Reach Level 5 Charisma Skill
533 0xD6A59ABC Reach Level 6 Charisma Skill
534 0xD6A59ABD Reach Level 7 Charisma Skill
535 0xD6A59AB2 Reach Level 8 Charisma Skill
536 0xD6A59AB3 Reach Level 9 Charisma Skill
537 0xF29E3937 Reach Level 1 Fitness Skill
538 0x261411A5 Max Fitness Skill to Level 10
539 0xF29E3934 Reach Level 2 Fitness Skill
540 0xF29E3935 Reach Level 3 Fitness Skill
541 0xF29E3932 Reach Level 4 Fitness Skill
542 0xF29E3933 Reach Level 5 Fitness Skill
543 0xF29E3930 Reach Level 6 Fitness Skill
544 0xF29E3931 Reach Level 7 Fitness Skill
545 0xF29E393E Reach Level 8 Fitness Skill
546 0xF29E393F Reach Level 9 Fitness Skill
547 0x370E0308 Reach Level 1 Gourmet Cooking Skill
548 0xB30EC5A8 Max Gourmet Cooking Skill to Level 10
549 0x370E030B Reach Level 2 Gourmet Cooking Skill
550 0x370E030A Reach Level 3 Gourmet Cooking Skill
551 0x370E030D Reach Level 4 Gourmet Cooking Skill
552 0x370E030C Reach Level 5 Gourmet Cooking Skill
553 0x370E030F Reach Level 6 Gourmet Cooking Skill
554 0x370E030E Reach Level 7 Gourmet Cooking Skill
555 0x370E0301 Reach Level 8 Gourmet Cooking Skill
556 0x370E0300 Reach Level 9 Gourmet Cooking Skill
557 0xAB2545BE Reach Level 1 Programming Skill
558 0x29ACCA2A Max Programming Skill to Level 10
559 0xAB2545BD Reach Level 2 Programming Skill
560 0xAB2545BC Reach Level 3 Programming Skill
561 0xAB2545BB Reach Level 4 Programming Skill
562 0xAB2545BA Reach Level 5 Programming Skill
563 0xAB2545B9 Reach Level 6 Programming Skill
564 0xAB2545B8 Reach Level 7 Programming Skill
565 0xAB2545B7 Reach Level 8 Programming Skill
566 0xAB2545B6 Reach Level 9 Programming Skill
567 0x79F34601 Reach Level 1 Cooking Skill
568 0xFAF733A3 Max Cooking Skill to Level 10
569 0x79F34602 Reach Level 2 Cooking Skill
570 0x79F34603 Reach Level 3 Cooking Skill
571 0x79F34604 Reach Level 4 Cooking Skill
572 0x79F34605 Reach Level 5 Cooking Skill
573 0x79F34606 Reach Level 6 Cooking Skill
574 0x79F34607 Reach Level 7 Cooking Skill
575 0x79F34608 Reach Level 8 Cooking Skill
576 0x79F34609 Reach Level 9 Cooking Skill
577 0x6D6B5F51 Reach Level 1 Logic Skill
578 0x91070CB3 Max Logic Skill to Level 10
579 0x6D6B5F52 Reach Level 2 Logic Skill
580 0x6D6B5F53 Reach Level 3 Logic Skill
581 0x6D6B5F54 Reach Level 4 Logic Skill
582 0x6D6B5F55 Reach Level 5 Logic Skill
583 0x6D6B5F56 Reach Level 6 Logic Skill
584 0x6D6B5F57 Reach Level 7 Logic Skill
585 0x6D6B5F58 Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
586 0x6D6B5F59 Reach Level 9 Logic Skill
587 0xB67558B9 Reach Level 1 Mischief Skill
588 0xF3BAAB0B Max Mischief Skill to Level 10
589 0xB67558BA Reach Level 2 Mischief Skill
590 0xB67558BB Reach Level 3 Mischief Skill
591 0xB67558BC Reach Level 4 Mischief Skill
592 0xB67558BD Reach Level 5 Mischief Skill
593 0xB67558BE Reach Level 6 Mischief Skill
594 0xB67558BF Reach Level 7 Mischief Skill
595 0xB67558B0 Reach Level 8 Mischief Skill
596 0xB67558B1 Reach Level 9 Mischief Skill
597 0x8AD9EBA1 Reach Level 1 Painting Skill
598 0x360DEE43 Max Painting Skill to Level 10
599 0x8AD9EBA2 Reach Level 2 Painting Skill
600 0x8AD9EBA3 Reach Level 3 Painting Skill


601 0x8AD9EBA4 Reach Level 4 Painting Skill
602 0x8AD9EBA5 Reach Level 5 Painting Skill
603 0x8AD9EBA6 Reach Level 6 Painting Skill
604 0x8AD9EBA7 Reach Level 7 Painting Skill
605 0x8AD9EBA8 Reach Level 8 Painting Skill
606 0x8AD9EBA9 Reach Level 9 Painting Skill
607 0x41FC0D9F Reach Level 1 Writing Skill
608 0x7EC9717D Max Writing Skill to Level 10
609 0x41FC0D9C Reach Level 2 Writing Skill
610 0x41FC0D9D Reach Level 3 Writing Skill
611 0x41FC0D9A Reach Level 4 Writing Skill
612 0x41FC0D9B Reach Level 5 Writing Skill
613 0x41FC0D98 Reach Level 6 Writing Skill
614 0x41FC0D99 Reach Level 7 Writing Skill
615 0x41FC0D96 Reach Level 8 Writing Skill
616 0x41FC0D97 Reach Level 9 Writing Skill
617 0xFC1ABEEE Draw
618 0x8CA8E100 Behind the Back!
619 0xD8AAA860 Stack Bottles!
620 0x0E1E52FB Clean
621 0xFACECF52 Juggle!
622 0xB39914F3 Name
623 0x413F43F1 Price
624 0x2590CCB1 Skill
625 0x2A1FA62B Fireball!
626 0x84B35C9C Hang Out
627 0x0AA6B8E8 {0.SimFirstName} is too tired to do this right now!
628 0xAC751509 {0.SimFirstName} is too hungry to do this right now!
629 0x73F84654 Make Drink
630 0x30620E79 Order Drinks For Group
631 0x3B352277 Order Drink
632 0x59CABD52 Tend Bar
633 0xE864D60A Wait For Drink
634 0x2926A72A Nap in Bath
635 0x558FAA7B Play in the Bath
636 0xCBD69BF3 Take Bath
637 0xDE4D262B Take Bath
638 0x80C7A051 Take Bubble Bath
639 0xADA9F850 Lie Together
640 0xA5F90126 Power Edit
641 0x24149A48 Relax
642 0xB4623E6F Sleep
643 0x4DABBB96 Try for Baby
644 0x65E41E67 WooHoo
645 0x38F2243B Mess Around
646 0xF8719C7F Discard
647 0x89554A93 Add Birthday Candles
648 0x3B20A42E Blow Out Candles
649 0x4A26922D Taste Frosting
650 0x806EA911 Make a Wish
651 0xC524365C Remove Candles
652 0x34447A7E {0.SimName} is not eligible to age up.
653 0x79AE92F8 It would be rude to take a slice of Birthday Cake before the candles have been blown out.
654 0x6E638F5C Canasta
655 0x5CC432E1 Play Card Game
656 0x0713F179 Nap
657 0x19B491BC Sit
658 0xFCC8ABD5 Play
659 0x8774838A Practice Chess
660 0x2A037F4D Brew
661 0x30026EB8 Empty
662 0x3765EC0C Collect
663 0xFDA8EBB4 Crystals
664 0x6DC57176 Elements
665 0xA66E31D5 Metals
666 0x3E6A583B MySims Trophies
667 0x056CB8A0 {1.Money}\nRarity: {0.String}
668 0x51DF70BD Common
669 0xFD28AEDA Rare
670 0xD87441CC Uncommon
671 0xBE52D6ED Sims
672 0x3A69A717 Listen to Space Launch
673 0xBB9101FB Troll teh Forums
674 0x961EAE7C This is SciFi book One
675 0xACDBEC0E This is SciFi book Two
676 0x5293B0AA SciFi One
677 0x395B308C SciFi Two
678 0xE0402171 Science Fiction
679 0x864AECAC Write Book
680 0xE0A1EFE1 Write Furiously
681 0xAD8309AC Browse Web
682 0x42D557B0 Chat
683 0x59C6FC18 Chat With
684 0x33573B7F Playing Computer Game
685 0x75CB5DEF The orphanage would like to introduce...
686 0x19AF7CFF Move Household
687 0x754DC996 Play Game
688 0xC376F52E Scour for Memes
689 0x799FFABD Fancy Flavors!
690 0x59876E26 Crafty Chopping
691 0xFC089996 {0.String}
692 0x391426DE Next!
693 0x9A7AA39E Spin the Board
694 0x1C4CAEBA This is already the front door.
695 0xDD7097EA Set as Front Door
696 0x212850C0 Solve Math Problems
697 0x3B5E1D29 Paint
698 0x2B2B62DA Making the Filling
699 0x2B2B62D9 Mixing the Frosting
700 0x2B2B62D8 ...and Bake


701 0x4105AA3F Eat {1.ObjectName}
702 0x29EBC6A1 Make Food
703 0x29540B2F Grab a Serving
704 0x811E69FB Take a Piece
705 0xDC46762F Take a Slice
706 0x922C300A Cook
707 0xB37A82F1 Cook a Gourmet Meal
708 0x8B683C34 Grab a Drink
709 0xD1E8B1FC Grab a Drink
710 0xB92EEAB8 Have a Quick Meal
711 0x7EC00456 Fire It Up
712 0x24635106 Flying and Frying
713 0xFC1927EB Mail Gift
714 0x0A25D57D Drink with Desperation
715 0x77E171F9 Drink
716 0xA19ACCB9 Grilled Food
717 0x7EDFC05D Throw Away
718 0xDF0D2B5F All Lights
719 0xC590E55A Auto-Lights
720 0xA99F27B7 This Light
721 0x2F8E729A All Lights
722 0x2EC6699D Turn On
723 0x5231E4B3 Sit Together
724 0x7249E3B2 Get Mail
725 0xB04B8188 Donate to Online Charity
726 0x4556BBDE Deliver Mail
727 0x6D6DCCB6 Boo!
728 0x096074E1 Chatter
729 0x7B124F5D Cheer
730 0x48B95348 Clap
731 0x79C72570 Go Wild!
732 0xFBCE9758 Heckle
733 0x9B83E965 Shout Compliment
734 0xAFB97D70 Shout Insult
735 0x359DDDA7 Watch Performance
736 0x61BDD19E Wooo!
737 0x670D497C Admire Self
738 0xD4908C53 Apply Fragrance
739 0xFC0856A9 Apply Lipstick
740 0x65762ADB Freshen Breath
741 0xF02E4180 Freshen Up
742 0x63F270AC Make Silly Face
743 0x133914E0 Practice Pick-up Line
744 0xDDDE11BE Practice Joke
745 0x71B48E89 Practice Flirting
746 0x5333DE2A Practice Pick-up Lines
747 0xA1C9ED5F Practice Kissing
748 0x223172D9 Practice Speech
749 0x89DDF55A Rehearse A Story
750 0x4AC8D67A Pose
751 0x76115F5E Praise Self
752 0x0C9D7CBB Give Yourself a Pep Talk
753 0x1F135E66 Try to Calm Down
754 0x160DEE64 Rollin'
755 0xCB5D8581 Flip!
756 0xD9CBB8D0 Hang Around
757 0x8FFFB8DC Hang Out
758 0xBC451B68 The Missing Link
759 0x9C28461E Play
760 0x56F57793 The R.E.F.U.G.E.
761 0x0F287061 Blicblock
762 0xF3A638E8 Incredible Sports
763 0xFEE0B8E6 Play as Sea Monster
764 0x241C408C Play Pirate
765 0xF354A9E5 Slide the Plank
766 0xB2CF0AA6 Play as Space Monster
767 0xD1BBC04C Play Space Explorer
768 0x3A1829A8 Invite {1.SimFirstName} to {0.String}
769 0xF80506D0 {0.String}
770 0xBAD58940 {0.String} with {1.SimFirstName}
771 0xFD6B8069 Name
772 0x2BC5229B Rename {1.ObjectName}
773 0x0AC92BFA {0.String} Together
774 0xCA1CFFB4 {0.String} Together
775 0xE6CFBCC3 "Looks cooked."
776 0xDBE51AA1 Adopt
777 0x878D7591 Browse Web
778 0x06EEE476 Cancel Maid Service
779 0xA880EBBB Your maid service has been canceled. Any maids on your lot will still finish their work, though.
780 0xA2F69D33 Chat With
781 0xA2856542 Chat
782 0x04F2F9CB Ask on Date
783 0x82C7034A Hire Maid Service
784 0x35B4D3F7 Thanks for hiring from Maids United. Your maid will arrive on {0.DayOfWeekLong} at {0.TimeShort}.
785 0x816CC99F Order Pizza
786 0x5215E36A Your pizza is on the way! It will arrive shortly.
787 0x3AEA3546 Move Household
788 0x66666239 Pay Bills
789 0xC1036A48 Plan a Social Event
790 0x08ACBEBD Play Game
791 0xEB29E6E6 Send Text
792 0x20120533 Send Text
793 0x96FB75AA Box
794 0x5EAB6CE1 Blow Off Some Steam
795 0x1C4659C7 Energized Box
796 0xC3161827 Train
797 0xABC410DF Build
798 0x3B605642 Continue Building
799 0x9C934992 Explore Space
800 0xAE028EDD Try for Baby With


801 0xA21E12D6 Continue Expanding Fuel Storage Tank
802 0x336E7471 Expand Fuel Storage Tank
803 0x1C807664 Continue Installing Ion Cannon Defense System
804 0x22A1C9CF Install Ion Cannon Defense System
805 0x74148959 Continue Installing Landing Computer
806 0x47508D48 Install Landing Computer
807 0xF9783D76 Continue Installing Landing Stabilizers
808 0x7CB90691 Install Landing Stabilizers
809 0x0FAE6E50 Continue Improving Maneuvering Thrusters
810 0xEC232A53 Improve Maneuvering Thrusters
811 0x59F84109 Continue Installing Ramscoop
812 0x52EF355C Install Ramscoop
813 0xB80477F8 WooHoo With
814 0x8D0E2231 Try for Baby in Rocketship
815 0x2E219E54 Mess Around in Rocket Ship
816 0x0709C280 Clean
817 0x501A8402 Take a Speedy Shower
818 0xE4599CF4 Take Cold Shower
819 0x114A92FE Take Shower
820 0xAAB9A252 Brush Teeth
821 0x2389B5AA Grab a Drink
822 0xBF4CA3C9 Wash Dishes
823 0xEAB07C85 Wash Hands
824 0x40EFA5C5 Alternative
825 0x97D15D0E Music that's just a little... different.
826 0xFBBBAC63 Blues
827 0x088C9B8C Music for feeling blue.
828 0x84FF5F6B Classical
829 0x3ACD7234 Music for the cultured.
830 0xC3D7F6A0 Electronica
831 0x2A4A408B Music for the electronically inclined
832 0xB070325D Funky pop songs to get you moving.
833 0x78D99148 Pop
834 0xF8FAE2F4 Current Volume
835 0x81B9AF85 Listen to Alternative
836 0x2BFC5FEF Listen to Blues
837 0xE9E1036A Change Station
838 0x2BD13035 Change Volume
839 0xC43C716B Listen to Classical
840 0x35D61B84 Dance
841 0xAE2330E7 Listen to Electronica
842 0x8D5A818A Listen to Music
843 0xEB3663EC Next Song
844 0xF6466151 Listen to Pop
845 0x315D4D27 Listen to Romantic Music
846 0x0D553DE9 Turn On
847 0xEABD6C06 Listen To
848 0xA9FDD089 High
849 0x343C3EAD Low
850 0x76F47998 Medium
851 0xB8357832 Continue Upgrading Coated Exterior
852 0x64E56B55 Coated Exterior
853 0xCD96EAEA Continue Upgrading Heat Sensor
854 0x2A8B644D Heat Sensor
855 0x1A67631F Continue Upgrading Self-Cleaning
856 0x997BF352 Self-Cleaning
857 0xB298D0BE WooHoo With
858 0x2237676D Try for Baby in Observatory
859 0xA8F38040 Mess Around in Observatory
860 0xBB83F652 Sports
861 0x99C31BC0 Change Channel
862 0x5D78BB31 Turn Off
863 0x032BC16D Watch Current Channel
864 0xA6EAE91B Watch Romance
865 0xF3C2E5D7 Continue Adding Bidet
866 0x0C9CD02A Add Bidet
867 0x330966E1 Continue Upgrading Self-Cleaning
868 0xDDFCAC54 Add Self-Cleaning
869 0x715F57D7 Continue Upgrading Superior Flush
870 0xA928362A Add Superior Flush
871 0xC6F86EE7 Flush
872 0x56D17CE7 Throw Up
873 0xDDBB31A0 Take Pregnancy Test
874 0xBC9D665C Use
875 0x23004AF5 Thank you for pressing my button.
876 0xD1FAEB3A Let's be friends forever!
877 0x4857CA54 ERROR! ERROR!
878 0x4DFAE1CE Quit poking me!
879 0xA91D1BCF Sometimes I get lonely.
880 0xB12E7103 Tag... Now you're IT!
881 0xDF4E224B Play
882 0x8D218ABE Speedy
883 0x8D218ABF Wheels
884 0x8D218ABC Gas Guzzler
885 0x8D218ABD Cheetah
886 0xBA7EF02E Stampy
887 0xBA7EF02F The Destroyer
888 0xBA7EF02C Smasher
889 0xBA7EF02D Nightmare
890 0xBA7EF02A Growler
891 0xBA7EF02B Stompy
892 0xA74F5605 Mr. Snuffles
893 0x10F69122 Georgey
894 0x10F69123 Sir Francis
895 0x10F69124 SallySue
896 0x10F69125 Ms. Fluffykins
897 0x94BE56F9 Push Beyond Your Limits
898 0x94BE56FA Sprint Uphill
899 0x1B7CC406 {0.SimFirstName} is too tired to do this right now!
900 0x427D5C25 Push Yourself!


901 0x175F540A Breathe Deeply
902 0xD5114B8E Run Sheepishly
903 0xD5114B8F Work Out Frustrations
904 0xD5114B8C Harness Frustration
905 0x175F5409 One Step at a Time
906 0x175F5408 Walk It Off
907 0x175F540F Stretch Out
908 0x175F540E Warm Up
909 0x175F540D Fight Through It!
910 0x175F540C Fueled With Rage
911 0x175F5403 Cool Down
912 0x175F5402 Run As If No One Saw
913 0x6FD8FEF8 Push the Pace
914 0x6FD8FEFB Maximum Effort
915 0x6FD8FEFA Give One Hundred Percent
916 0x6FD8FEFD Run with Style!
917 0xF587FF09 Moderate Pace
918 0xF587FF0A Get Into the Groove
919 0xF587FF0B Stride With Pride
920 0xF587FF0C Keep It Going
921 0x92168142 Slow It Down
922 0xA3BF8E6C Workout
923 0x56EC5091 Run with Chest Out
924 0xDFB32078 Energized Workout
925 0x15C1B061 Evil Epic Workout
926 0x5836B5A9 Evil Workout
927 0x9C251459 Workout (Push the Limits)
928 0xA7201858 Upgrade
929 0x4EEF7079 Engrave Epitaph
930 0xF928133F Gone but not forgotten. Enter some kind words to remember {2.SimFirstName} by.
931 0x481536A1 Can't wait to see you.
932 0x481536A2 Wish you were here.
933 0x481536A3 I told you it wouldn't work.
934 0x480DF850 Mourn {2.SimFirstName}
935 0xBDFDE5C2 Laugh at {2.SimFirstName}
936 0xA246EBC2 Release Spirit to Netherworld
937 0x88AAC938 Resurrect
938 0xD6740541 {0.ObjectDescription}
939 0x58FCF93F {0.SimName}
940 0x4241648C View {1.ObjectName}
941 0x47F7B8A0 Bind To
942 0x409F358F Bind
943 0x12E8B09C Toy with Death
944 0xD38B8B01 Cuddle
945 0x20EC591D Frolic
946 0xCF75FA8B Poke
947 0x81BCF2AE Soak
948 0x6FC2681A Tickle
949 0x1C1DF877 Hold
950 0x0EE11CD7 Summon {2.SimFirstName}
951 0x8C4BCE4A Bound to {0.SimName}
952 0x853BCD79 (Unbound)
953 0x5BD31333 {0.SimFirstName}'s Voodoo Doll
954 0xABEADDAE Evil Heavy Lifting
955 0x2EF69388 Place in World
956 0x38DFE289 Clean
957 0x53DB840A Clean Up
958 0xEE179D4B Collect
959 0x0B13E0DF This object is currently empty.
960 0x071588A6 Prevent Autonomy from Using This Item
961 0x8A90DC2E Open
962 0xD34C6AB7 Put Away
963 0xD636DC8D Put Down
964 0x56B9A604 Put in Inventory
965 0x83DE8701 Repair
966 0x31E7FF6B Allow Autonomy to use item.
967 0x809BA026 Be Friendly
968 0x219108F8 Be Mean To {1.SimFirstName}
969 0x1E121156 Be Romantic with {1.SimFirstName}
970 0x4C18AADD Friendly
971 0xA4AAD74C Funny
972 0x63683796 License Song
973 0x533A4C64 Guitar
974 0xFAA15ED1 Piano
975 0x9FA05919 Violin
976 0x6BC74FD3 Mean
977 0x896FD331 Play Song
978 0xC46B57FF Romance
979 0x2DC4AB5F {1.SimFirstName} cannot be disturbed right now.
980 0xB349B9AC More Choices
981 0xAA03F649 Plead for {2.SimFirstName}
982 0xDE1C61D5 Guess I'm done here, then. My fee will be {0.Money}.
983 0x06394632 Ok, I guess I'll stop working then. My fee will be {0.Money}.
984 0x9B15ADA2 Looks like I'm all done here. That'll be {0.Money}.
985 0xF8FC9790 I don't work for free, you know. If you ever want my help again, you'd better get your act together and pay the {1.Money} bill I'll be sending you.
986 0x65442C6D Looks like your place doesn't need my services today. I'll just head off to my next client.
987 0x8AC131AC for {0.Money} plus {1.Money}/hour
988 0xDB9A41FF for {0.Money}
989 0xBD244FD6 for free!
990 0x289F3717 for {0.Money}/hour
991 0xE48C8ACA Maid
992 0x0926D847 Pizza Delivery
993 0xDC38AEC7 Ask to Hang Out
994 0x68338589 Dismiss
995 0x923394BB Fire
996 0xBB293140 Yell At
997 0xE4BEDCAD Athletic
998 0x0712554F Career
999 0x845A082E Current outfit
1000 0x2A898278 Everyday