The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

pahtrick has compiled a list of TGI values and image files for The Sims 4 skintones, which can be found here:

CAS Demo[edit | edit source]

In CASdemofullbuild.package, skintone files can be found. There are no built-in names for each colour, so herein names will be made up based on visual appearance.

The following fields appear to be identical for every image file, so for simplicity sake I have omitted them from the main table.

Tag Type Group Compressed Unknown2 Memsize
UNKN 0x3453CF95 0x00000000 0x5A42 0x0001 0x0010D56C

If you were looking for these skintone files in s4pe, I would recommend searching by Memsize, as this is a number unique to skintones.

"Name" Image Instance Chunk offset Filesize

"Medium" Skintone

0x3275143DEC141D18 0x00022485 0x00022485

"Orange" skintone

0xF4350416521A932F 0x25654E40 0x0004054D

"Blue" Skintone

0x91E202ED76546415 0x2551AC47 0x0004D0EC

"Dark" skintone

0x647DDF568A1933C7 0x250D6440 0x00018AC0
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