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A place to share info about the inner guts of Sims 4 files - file names, flags, categories and more. This wiki is moderated by me, puremorphin. I started this wiki several years ago. Now, in 219, I'm having renewed interest in the game. My main objective at this stage is creating pages for all the hairstyles available in the game, including their filenames and flags, to make it easier for custom content creators to accurately name their recolours and mesh edits.

I will also be providing links to alterations to game content. For example, if there is an edited version of a hair mesh to make it longer, or available for children as well as adults. This is intended to expand the options of content for players of The Sims 4 in a way that stays true to the style of the game. A Maxis-Match style, as the community has come to call it. General recolours will NOT be added on this site, at least for now.

Call to Action

There are thousands of items in the game, especially if you count every recolour as its own item. Thus, it is a lot of work to compile pages on every item. If you can help out in any way by contributing, PLEASE do so! If you want to know a specific area that I'd like work done on, please email me at

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