Flags are the bits of data that are responsible for determining what items show up with the various categories and filters -- such as "pants" and "jeans" (main interface buttons), "everyday" and "formal" (catalog tabs), and filters, which let you select clothes by materials like "cotton" and "synthetic", colors like "red" and "blue", and styles like "cowboy" and "hipster".

A few things to know about flags:

a) Flags are per-recolor, not per-mesh or per-thumbnail. So you can have different recolors of the same items in different categories. (Your flirty party dress might be lingerie in a different material.) Note however that when you reclassify one color... that color will show up on the thumbnail... but all the other colors are still available for that item. So if you filter for "red", you can still CHOOSE the blue recolor of an item. And when you reclassify, you don't have to do it for every recolor.

b) An item can have as many flags as you want... or if there's a limit, it's VERY large (around four billion!) You can also have multiple values for the same category. So something that's blue and red can be both "color:red" and "color:blue". Feel free to go wild with flags CM will let you add new flags to the list (use the Add button, and then set the category and value), as well as change the values of existing flags.

c) All the flags which are used on a lot of items in the demo have had their meanings figured out, but there are a lot we still DON'T know; these are listed as "Unknown" in CM. It's simply a matter of detective work to figure out what the values mean (that is, what they do in the game). If you want to help reduce the number of Unknowns, please post your findings here! viewtopic.php?f=12&t=15

[Original source of info: http://forums.sims4.the-prof.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16 Thank you Srikandi for allowing me to repost it]

Colour Magic, a Sims 4 CAS cloning tool by Grant [most recent version as of 5 Sepember 2014 http://sims4.the-prof.net/?p=428] has revealed the many flags within CAS items and Build Mode items.

Note: These values are from the CAS demo. Unknown if they will be changed in the official release.

Most flags seem to be consistent between the CAS demo and the full game.

Mood[edit | edit source]


Angry, Bored, Confident, Dazed, Embarrassed, Energized, Fine, Flirty, Focused, Happy, Inspired, Playful, Uncomfortable, Sad, Tense, and Asleep are the moods that can be achieved in-game.[1] Not all of these appear in the Mood flags list, so it's reasonable to assume that some have alternate names. Dazed may be equivalent to Drunk. Inspired may be equivalent to Imaginative. It's not clear what Asleep would be, if anything.

By extension, its unclear what Mood flags so far unaddressed do: Optimism and Sloshed.

Name Value
Optimism 0x0040
Angry 0x013D
Bored 0x013E
Confident 0x013F
Cranky 0x0140
Drunk 0x0142
Embarrassed 0x0143
Energized 0x0144
Flirty 0x0145
Focused 0x0146
Tense 0x0147
Happy 0x0148
Imaginative 0x0149
Uncomfortable 0x014A
Fine 0x014B
Playful 0x014C
Sad 0x014D
Sloshed 0x014E

Color[edit | edit source]


There are 30 colors. However, only 10 of these are searchable within the game: Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Gray, Black, Yellow, White, Pink and Purple.

Colours that are taggable in The Sims 4

Name Value
Red 0x0041
Blue 0x0044
Green 0x0045
DarkBrown 0x005A
Brown 0x005B
Gray 0x005C
Black 0x005D
Orange 0x005F
Amber 0x0061
Aqua 0x0062
HazelBlue 0x0063
HazelGreen 0x0064
LightBlue 0x0065
LightBrown 0x0066
LightGreen 0x0067
Yellow 0x0068
White 0x0069
Pink 0x006A
Purple 0x006B
Burgundy 0x006C
Cream 0x006D
Silver 0x0100
Gold 0x0101
Magenta 0x0102
Teal 0x0103
Turquoise 0x0104
BlueNavy 0x0105
BlueLight 0x0124
BrownLight 0x0125
Beige 0x0126

Style[edit | edit source]

0x0042 There are 29 styles.

It appears only six of the Styles are searchable within CAS: Basics, Polished, Preppy, Rocker, Country and Hipster.

Searchable Style Correlating Flag
Basics GenContemporaryBasic
Polished GenContemporaryDesigner
Preppy GenPreppy
Country Country
Hipster Hipster

The six Styles searchable in CAS

Note: It appears most of the hidden outfits, like those for NPCs, do not have style flags.

Name Value
Gothic 0x0042
Rocker 0x0046
Casual 0x006E
Sporty 0x006F
Dressy 0x0070
SuperCasual 0x0071
GenSummer 0x00ED
GenCitySleek 0x00EE
Classics 0x00EF
GenContemporaryBasic 0x00F0
GenContemporaryDesigner 0x00F1
GenGoth 0x00F2
GenOutdoorExplorer 0x00F3
GenPartyTrendy 0x00F4
GenPolished 0x00F5
GenPreppy 0x00F6
GenRomantic 0x00F7
FormalModern 0x00F8
FormalTrendy 0x00F9
KidsBasic 0x00FA
KidsDesigner 0x00FB
SleepContemporaryBasic 0x00FC
UnderwearBasic 0x00FD
UnderwearDesigner 0x00FE
Athletic 0x00FF
GothRockPunk 0x0121
InReview 0x0216
Country 0x03D9
Hipster 0x03DA

Theme[edit | edit source]


Name Value


AgeAppropriate[edit | edit source]


Name Value
YoungAdult 0x0047
Elder 0x0048
Adult 0x0054
Child 0x0055
Teen 0x0055

Archetype[edit | edit source]


Name Value
African 0x0049
MiddleEastern 0x004A
Asian 0x004B
Caucasian 0x004C
SouthAsian 0x0058
NorthAmerican 0x0059
Latin 0x0138

OutfitCategory[edit | edit source]


Name Value
Everyday 0x004D
Formal 0x004E
Swim 0x004F
Athletic 0x0050
Sleep 0x0051
Bathing 0x0052
Party 0x0053
Career 0x0107
Situation 0x014F

Skill[edit | edit source]


Name Value
Athletic 0x0056
Cooking 0x0057
Bartending 0x0089
Creative 0x0150
Mental 0x0151
Physical 0x0152
Social 0x0153
Musical 0x01BD
All 0x01C0
Child 0x0281
FitnessOrProgramming 0x28C
VideoGaming 0x02A3
Charisma 0x02A4
Logic 0x02A5
RocketScience 0x02A6
Writing 0x02A7
GuitarOrComedy 0x03A7
ViolinOrGuitar 0x03A8

EyeColour[edit | edit source]


There are 15 eye colours.

Name Value
Aqua 0x0073
Black 0x0074
Blue 0x0075
Brown 0x0076
DkBrown 0x0077
Gray 0x0078
Green 0x0079
HazelBlue 0x007A
HazelGreen 0x007B
LightBlue 0x007C
LightBrown 0x007D
LightGreen 0x007E
Hazel 0x01A5
Honey 0x01A6
Golden 0x01A7

Persona[edit | edit source]


Name Value
Rocker 0x0080
Fashionista 0x0081
Boho 0x0082
Mom 0x0084

Special[edit | edit source]


Name Value
Nude 0x007F

HairColor[edit | edit source]


There are 18 hair colors.

Name Value
Blonde 0x005E
Platinum 0x0060
Black 0x0083
Brown 0x0084
DarkBrown 0x0085
Gray 0x0086
Orange 0x0087
Red 0x0088
Auburn 0x0380
BlackSaltAndPepper 0x0381
BrownSaltAndPepper 0x0382
DarkBlue 0x0383
DirtyBlond 0x0384
Green 0x0385
HotPink 0x0386
PurplePastel 0x0387
Turquoise 0x0388
White 0x0389

ColorPallete[edit | edit source]


There are 11 color palletes.

Name Value
Dark 0x008C
Jewel 0x008D
Bold 0x0091
Pastel 0x0092
EarthTones 0x0118
GrayscaleDark 0x011A
GrayscaleLight 0x011B
Spring 0x11D
Summer 0x011E
Winter 0x011F
GothRockPunk 0x0120

Hair[edit | edit source]


Name Value
Short 0x0095
Medium 0x0096
Long 0x0097
Straight 0x0139
Curly 0x013A
Wavy 0x013B

FacialHair[edit | edit source]


Name Value
Beard 0x017A
Goatee 0x017B
Mustache 0x017C

Hat[edit | edit source]


Name Value
Brim 0x0173
Brimless 0x0174
Cap 0x0175

FaceMakeup[edit | edit source]

There are no options here.

Top[edit | edit source]


There are 11 types of tops.



Blouse 0x009B
Vest 0x009C
Jacket 0x0127
ShirtTee 0x0128
Sweater 0x0129
Tanktop 0x0168
ButtonUps 0x018B
Sweatshirt 0x03AD
SuitJacket 0x03AE
Polo 0x03AF
Brassiere 0x03B0

Bottom[edit | edit source]


There are 8 types of bottoms.

There are two values called 'underwear', it is unclear why.

Name Value
Pants 0x0098
Skirt 0x0099
Shorts 0x009A
Leggings 0x017D
Jeans 0x017E
Cropped 0x03B1
Underwear 0x03B2
Underwear 0x0410

FullBody[edit | edit source]


There are 11 types of fullbody.

Name Value
Jumpsuits 0x0176
Longdress 0x0177
Shortdress 0x0178
Suits 0x0179
Outerwear 0x03B3
Costume 0x03B4
Robe 0x03B5
Lingerie 0x03B6
Apron 0x03B7
Overall 0x03B8
Set 0x03B9

Shoes[edit | edit source]


There are 11 types of shoes.

Name Value
Booties 0x017F
Boots 0x0180
Flats 0x0181
Heels 0x0182
LaceUpAdult 0x0183
LaceUpChildren 0x0184
Loafers 0x0185
Sandals 0x0186
Slippers 0x0187
Sneakers 0x0188
Wedges 0x0189

BottomAccessory[edit | edit source]


There are no options here.

Uniform[edit | edit source]


There are 47 values.

Name Value
Maid 0x0106
GrimReaper 0x013C
Mailman 0x0155
GrimReaperHelper 0x016E
OfficeWorker 0x025F
Suit 0x0206
Tuxedo 0x0261
SuperTuxedo 0x0262
Villain 0x0263
TacticalTurtleneck 0x0264
MaintainenceWorker 0x0265
AstronautSuit 0x0266
SpaceRanger 0x0267
Smuggler 0x0268
Suit 0x0269
ConcertOutfit 0x026A
Cook 0x026B
Chef 0x026C
Bartender 0x026D
CrimeLordHat 0x026E
CrimeBoss 0x026F
Hacker 0x0270
ElbowPatchJacket 0x0271
InvestigativeJournalist 0x0272
BlackTurtleneck 0x0273
ProGamer 0x0274
Painter 0x0275
Parts 0x0276
Parts 0x0277
Party 0x0278
Parts 0x0279
Parts 0x027A
Parts 0x027B
PizzaDelivery 0x027D
Oracle 0x0293
Clown 0x02A8
HotDog 0x02A9
BlackAndWhiteParty 0x02AA
Teenager 0x02F8
MasterFisherman 0x0363
MasterGardener 0x0364
FastFood 0x0373
Barista 0x0374
ManualLabour 0x0375
Retail 0x0376
Babysitter 0x0377

Accessories[edit | edit source]


This is blank.

Fabric[edit | edit source]


There are 8 fabric types.

The six fabric options that are searchable in CAS

It appears only six of these are searchable in CAS: Leather, Cotton, Syntheitc, Wool and Denim. Checking required to see if Silk is an option in other areas (e.g. Sleepwear) and Silver (accessories).

Name Value
Leather 0x0213
Cotton 0x0214
Synthetic 0x0248
Silk 0x0249
Wool 0x024A
Denim 0x024B
Metal 0x03A4
Silver 0x03A5

Pattern[edit | edit source]


Name Value
Animal 0x24E

HairLength[edit | edit source]


There are 3 values.

Name Value
Short 0x0296
Long 0x0298
Medium 0x0334

HairTexture[edit | edit source]


There are 3 values.

Name Value
Wavy 0x0294
Curly 0x0335
Straight 0x0336

TraitGroup[edit | edit source]


There are 4 values.

Name Values
Emotional 0x02F1
Hobbies 0x02F2
Lifestyle 0x02F3
Social 0x02F4

SkinHue[edit | edit source]


There are 3 values.

Name Value
Red 0x02F9
Yellow 0x02FA
Olive 0x02FB

Reward[edit | edit source]


There is 1 value.

Name Value
CASPart 0x02FF

EyebrowThickness[edit | edit source]


There are 4 values.

Name Values
Bushy 0x041E
Thin 0x041E
Sparse 0x0420
Medium 0x0421

EyebrowShape[edit | edit source]


There are 3 values.

Name Value
Straight 0x0422
Curved 0x0423
Arched 0x0424
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