These are the flags that apply to Buy and Build Mode objects. Note that the flags are not excluded depending on the item. That is, you could set a pair of shoes to have the 'refridgerator' flag, but obviously this could have negative in-game consequences and is not recommended.

For CAS-related flags, click here.

BuyCatEE[edit | edit source]


This category covers electronics and hobbies.

There are 25 values.



TV 0x00A1
Computer 0x00A2
Audio 0x00A3
Sporting 0x00A4
HobbySkill 0x00A5
Party 0x00A6
KidFurniture 0x00A7
KidToy 0x00A8
Alarm 0x00A9
Phone 0x00AA
Clock 0x00AB
Videogame 0x00AC
IndoorActivity 0x00AD
KidActivity 0x00AE
OutdoorActivity 0x00AF
Bar 0x00B0
MiscElectronics 0x00B1
MiscEntertainment 0x00B2
MiscKids 0x00B3
Basketball 0x01CB
Chess 0x01C9
MonkeyBars 0x01CA
CreativeActivity 0x03C8
KnowledgeActivity 0x03C9
ActiveActivity 0x03CA

BuyCatPA[edit | edit source]


This category covers plumbing and appliances.

There are 20 values.

Name Value
Sink 0x00B4
Toilet 0x00B5
SinkFreestanding 0x00B6
Shower 0x00B7
Tub 0x00B8
LargeAppliance 0x00B9
SmallAppliance 0x00BA
Stove 0x00BB
Disposable 0x00BC
Refridgerator 0x00BD
OutdoorCooking 0x00BE
MiscSmallAppliance 0x00BF
MiscPlumbing 0x00C0
MiscAppliance 0x00C1
StoveHood 0x0391
SinkCounter 0x0398
CoffeeMaker 0x03C6
Microwave 0x03C7
DisposalIndoor 0x03CC
DisposalOutdoor 0x03CD

BuyCatLD[edit | edit source]


This category covers lighting and decor.

There are 25 values.

Name Value
BathroomAccent 0x00C2
LawnOrnament 0x00C3
KidDecoration 0x00C4
WindowTreatment 0x00C5
Rug 0x00C6
FountainDecoration 0x00C7
Sculpture 0x00C8
WallDecoration 0x00C9
Plant 0x00CA
TableLamp 0x00CB
FloorLamp 0x00CC
CeilingLight 0x00CD
OutdoorLight 0x00CE
Mirror 0x00CF
MiscLight 0x00D0
MiscDecoration 0x00D1
FountainEmitter 0x00E7
WallLight 0x0136
Fireplace 0x0311
Clutter 0x0337
WallSculpture 0x0338
MirrorWall 0x03C4
MirrorFreestanding 0x03C5
CurtainBlind 0x03D2
Awning 0x03D2

BuyCatSS[edit | edit source]


This category covers surfaces, storage and comfort items.

There are 29 values.

Name Value
Counter 0x00D2
Cabinet 0x00D3
DiningTable 0x00D4
EndTable 0x00D5
CoffeeTable 0x00D6
Desk 0x00D7
Display 0x00D8
DiningChair 0x00D9
Sofa 0x00DA
LoveSeat 0x00DB
OutdoorChair 0x00DC
LivingChair 0x00DD
DeskChair 0x00DE
OutdoorSeating 0x00Df
Barstool 0x00E0
Bed 0x00E1
Bookshelf 0x00E2
Dresser 0x00E3
MiscSurface 0x00E4
MiscComfort 0x00E5
MiscStorage 0x00E6
BedDouble 0x0392
OutdoorBench 0x0394
OutdoorTable 0x0395
DiningTableShort 0x03C2
DiningTableLong 0x3C3
BedSingle 0x03CB
PostcardBoard 0x042F
ElementDisplay 0x0430

BuyCatMAG[edit | edit source]


Room types.

There are 10 values.



LivingRoom 0x010E
Bathroom 0x010F
Bedroom 0x0110
DiningRoom 0x0111
Kitchen 0x0112
Outdoor 0x0113
Study 0x0114
Misc 0x0197
Empty 0x01D4
Kids 0x0360

FloorPattern[edit | edit source]


There are 12 values.

Name Values
Carpet 0x012A
Tile 0x012B
Wood 0x012C
Stone 0x012D
Masonry 0x012E
Linoleum 0x012F
Metal 0x0130
Misc 0x0131
Outdoor 0x0132
Grass 0x0133
Flowers 0x0134
DirtSand 0x0135

WallPattern[edit | edit source]


There are 8 values.

Name Values
Paint 0x0198
Wallpaper 0x0199
Tile 0x019A
Paneling 0x019B
Masonry 0x019C
RockAndStone 0x019D
Siding 0x019E
Misc 0x019F

Build[edit | edit source]


There are 49 values.

Name Value
Block 0x00E8
Block 0x00E9
Door 0x0217
Window 0x0218
Gate 0x0219
Column 0x021A
RoofAttachment 0x021B
Roof 0x021C
FloorPattern 0x021D
WallPattern 0x021E
RoofPattern 0x021F
Fence 0x0220
Spandrel 0x0221
Stair 0x0222
Railing 0x0223
Block 0x0224
Style 0x0225
Frieze 0x0226
RoofTrim 0x0227
Foundation 0x0228
FloorTrim 0x022A
WallAttachment 0x022B
Flower 0x022C
Shrub 0x022D
Tree 0x022E
Rug 0x022F
Rock 0x0230
Arch 0x0321
Block 0x028D
Post 0x030E
Buy 0x0313
RoofDiagonal 0x038A
GateDouble 0x0393
DoorDouble 0x0396
RoofChimney 0x0397
DoorSingle 0x03CE
RoofAttachmentMisc 0x03CF
GateSingle 0x03D0
RoofOrthogonal 0x03D1
WeddingArch 0x03D5
Block 0x0426
Block 0x0427
Block 0x0428
Shrub 0x0429
Shrub 0x042A
Flower 0x042B
Flower 0x042C
Flower 0x042D
Block 0x042E

TerrainPaint[edit | edit source]


There are 4 values.

Name Value
Dirt 0x0368
Grass 0x0369
Stone 0x036A
Misc 0x036B
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